(Not) a Label

December 01, 2014 B.A.pictures Motion 0 comments

Choose to live life with passion and purpose. Fight for tomorrow, fight for those who suffer, and fight for those who cannot.

In life we all start as a blank sheet.

Methodically cut, and molded by those around us, we are guided into the world.

With age and experience we begin to stamp out our own image, and express to the world proudly, who we are by what we do.

Regardless of whom you become, there will always be someone with a misguided interruption of who or what you really are. Judgements of you are ubiquitous and false. Do not allow yourself to be victimized by the labeling of others. You are unique to the world and can never be labeled solely by your appearance.

A name is merely a vocal symbol of an object familiar to us. But what do we call an object that looks familiar but serves a much bigger purpose?

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