As long as man has walked the earth so has the need to aesthetically improve the surroundings he encompasses.  From the first cave dwellers to the indigenous origins of any culture, drawings were scribbled on rocks as a form of warning, homage, or simply to tell a story.  It was communication in its most raw non-verbal form. At its most basic point art is simply the act of reproducing an image for others to see.  But its essence is heavily invested in personal expression and point of view.  With every finished canvas the artist tells us a little more about who they are and what they see. The artist is a dreamer and a creator.  A visionary that finds splendor in the things we all take for granted.  They see potential in the simple, a sunset is never just a sunset it is a loud scream that moves them to paint as they do.  Their resiliency is based on their hopelessly and utterly idealistic views.  They know nothing else but to believe in the best our humanity has to offer.  That point of view is what makes an artist more than just a person with a brush.  They are optimistic souls […] Read More