No More Blood Cancer Documentary

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The No More Blood Cancer Documentary is an investigation into the devastating affects blood cancer causes.  Narratives of those impacted first-handed, as well as analysis by leading researchers on the current state of blood cancer. The ‘No More Blood Cancer’ Documentary was created to raise funds for Blood Cancer Research.

a production

to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 

Examined by Edward Atienza

Filmed by Bradley Blackburn



Dr. Aimee Edinger  

  • Associate Professor, Developmental & Cell Biology
  • School of Biological Sciences, UCI
  • VMD/PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1999


Dr. Angela Fleischman  

  • Assistant Professor, Medicine
  • School of Medicine, UCI
  • M.D., Stanford University School of Medicine, 2005
  • Ph.D., Stanford University School of Medicine, 2005, Cancer Biology


Dr. Richard A. Van Etten 

  • Director, Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCI
  • Professor, Division of Hematology/Oncology, Medicine
  • School of Medicine, UCI
  • M.D., Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Ph.D., Stanford University, Biophysics


Dr. Leonard Sender  

  • Director, Clinical Operations and Program Development, Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Division Chief, Pediatric Oncology, Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Clinical Professor Of Medicine
  • School of Medicine
  • M.D., University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa, 1982
  • Chairman, Stupid Cancer


Aimmee Bastian

Cancer Free 


Susana O’Cull

Chronic Myeloid Patient 


Nikolai Greco

LLS, 2015 Boy of the Year, Still in Treatment


The Greco Family 

Patrick Betters

Survivor, in Remission


Carmen Delgadillo 

Founder of the Friends of Scott Foundation


Dalvin Barns

Newly Diagnosed


Patricia Sharpe 

LLS Woman of the Year, 2013


The No More Blood Cancer Team

  • Edward Atienza  |  LLS 2015 Man of the Year Candidate
  • Bradley Blackburn  |  No More Blood Cancer Tour Manager
  • Chantal Nathalie  |  Sergeant of Rock Affairs 
  • Patrick Betters  |  Chief of Touring Operations
  • Mathew Gardner  |  Chief of Touring Media
  • Ricky Ricardo  |  Distinguished Tour Advisor
  • Alexandra Tudor  |  Rock the Socks  |  Brand Ambassador
  • Haley Andrews  |  Rock the Socks  |  Brand Ambassador
  • Jeannette Sánchez  |  Rock the Socks  |  Brand Ambassador
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  • Molly the Dog  |  Ambassador of K9 Relations

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